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Body, Voice & Movement workshop - phase II Print

Studio Emad Eddin

Body, voice and movement II workshop
By The Mexican Director "Miguel A VAYLON"

Participants of the "Body, voice and movement" workshop will be preparing a 3 minute presentation without text only through movement voice and music   (Beginning - Middle -   End). This presentation will be presented at the beginning of the work.  
The workshop will explore some techniques of the Grotowski Theater. At the end of the workshop the participants will create a performance that will be presented in Studio Emad Eddin.
Dates of the workshop:
 Sunday the 13th till Friday the 25th of July 2008
 Everyday from 5:00 – 10:00
- A Day off will be decided on the first day of the workshop.
- Deadline for submitting applications is Saturday the 12th of July 2008

Application forms are available at Studio Emad Eddin
Or online from this link (Click Here )

* All of Studio Emad Eddin's workshops are free of charge for the studio members

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